About Up Globe


ERC20 token

The UpGlobe token Of the total marketable , 100 million will be sold during ERC20 token.

UpGlobe ERC20 token will maintain the high level of transparency , all opportunity will focus based on our honorable token holder.
UpGlobe financial will be audited by one of the high potential auditing Companies on quarterly basis and statements will be published on our access website.

Up Globe ERC20 token purchased on Blockchain platform.

Team UpGlobe -We Are The Best Team

Alister Franko

Developer & Designer

15 years of software development roles in leading tech companies ( GE , Ford and Apple). Now he is appointed as the CTO ( chief technology officer) of UpGlobe token.

Justin Farrar

CEO / Founder

former google executive. 20 years experience in technology and senior management roles. Now acting as CEO of UpGlobe foundation.

M(michael) Todd

PR executive

Former PR executive of coca cola joined as HR head of UpGlobe foundation.

Andrew Sparks

Community manager

Extensive experience in marketing and communications. Now he is joined as community manager for UpGlobe token ICO.

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